Registration is not working

Hi when I try to sign up at Sign Up for InfinityFree - InfinityFree it keeps saying this

The subdomain may only contain letters, numbers, and dashes.

If I put a domain like this randomwikisaur it says same thing. Please fix it I am trying to migrate from grandelhosting.

Also what type of panel here do you use.

Also do you support custom .tk domans wich are free and can we use a custom domain once we register.

There was a bug in the domain checker. This has been fixed now, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

InfinityFree uses the VistaPanel control panel.

.tk domains are not supported here, unfortunately. We’ve heard too many stories of people’s domains being taken away after becoming too popular, as well as frequent abuse under .tk domains.

@Admin ok could I use another free domain such as .ga or another one. or are all free .tk domains blocked.

@Admin also I have created an account with email [email protected] and website and still haven’t recived the conformation email.

Try to sign up again now. All unconfirmed registrations are deleted after 2-3 hours. Be sure to double check your e-mail address or try a different e-mail.

Thanks this can be closed works now.