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Hello, I am trying to enter data into the mysql database from an ESP32. This is the problem I have: I have created a file conexion.php and another file called save.php, I have also created a form to enter the data manually, with the form written in PHP the data registers well in the database , but when the esp32 sends the request I get the response with the code 200, but the data does not enter the database, the code works perfectly since using other hosting services the data enters the database perfectly, but due to due to restrictions from my country’s internet service provider, now my access to the website is restricted and I can only access it through a VPN, and esp32 gives me the error code 403, that’s why I’m trying to migrate my project to another Hosting service. Well, I hope you understand me and I look forward to your guidance.

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That won’t work here. IF is a webhosting provider, not an API host or database provider.


Ok, thanks for the clarification. Then I will look for another type of accommodation.

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