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Other Information: Dear team,

I have account with if0_ and i am using infinityfree Name servers to point my domain. Pointing is successful, I am confirm with my domain registrar but still I cannot access my website. Please help me.
Thank you

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I see this when I look up the records for your domain	50049	IN	CNAME	50049	IN	A

Please remove your domain from the cpanel and add it again.


already done, but still facing issue.

I’ll remove my domain from the cpanel and add it again successfully.
Please suggest what should to do next?

done successfully,
you says A Record IP is, when i copy and paste to chrome it show a error, that is: HTTP ERROR 400

I am going to, It says: Services for this domain name have been disabled.
please give solution.
thank you

I see this:

What you’re experiencing is DNS cache, as explained in this article, which also offers some suggestions on what you can do to see your website faster:


its mean issue exist in my terminal, it not reload properly.
this is what you want to say.

Thank you team,
My issue has been resolved


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