Reg domain name, but no confirm mail recive yet

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I have reg up new domain, days ago, recive mail 07/24/2021 and recive message that confirm that your domain purchase has been successful. The details of the domain purchase are below

*** IMPORTANT :: Over the next 24 hours a verification email will be sent to your domains whois email address, you need to confirm this email otherwise your domain will be suspended!*

Other Information

I dont recive email to confirm my domain name yet, have been up to 24 h.

That sounds like it was from your domain provider, as I don’t think InfinityFree has that kind of system.

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ICANN regulations means your domain registrar must verify your email address to keep the domain name online. This is something you need to figure out with your domain name provider, this is not something a hosting provider has any control over.

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