Referenced files not loading into html file


Hello. I have recently started creating my website, although this is not the first time I have used infinityfree in the past. But, now, when I try and link files into my HTML, such as my stylesheet, images, etc, they do not properly load in at all. Interestingly, files linked in my index.html file load in without trouble, but every other html page does not load files. For reference, I AM using freenom, if this creates some errors, but I have seen other freenom websites that can load in files outside of the index.html, so I am assuming that this could be an infinityfree issue.


  • Files linked from outside of the files hosted in infinityfree load without issue

  • It has nothing to do with my cache. I have cleared it, tried to open the website on other devices, etc.

  • Sometimes, after trying to re-open a certain page that isnt working enough times in a short period of time, will eventually successfully render the linked css and images, but, after a while, ceases to work, and starts over again.

Non-index.html files (and, by extension, not working.)

Page 1
Page 2

Welcome Back! does not exist does not exist does not exist


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