Redirects not working correctly

I recently registered a subdomain with infinityfree -
I have added a redirect rule in the vista controlpanel to redirect this URL to my desired IP address - this is the IP address of a server I am hosting. When I connect to this IP address, the website is served correctly. However, visiting the url does not redirect me to this IP and I get a browser timeout error. Am I doing something wrong here? Have I forgotten to do something?


Apologies - I just realised I was doing all this via
I found that there is also a redirects option in the vista control panel, but when I try to set up my redirect here I get the following error:


You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Why you ever need a redirect?

Your website can just work without configuring redirects to some IP address.

Unless you are trying to use our subdomains elsewhere, this won’t work. Our subdomains stays in our system.
The only expection was premium hosting — but only if you ask them to migrate.

In addition to the panel problem, you probably wanted to wait for a while. Things like this happens every now and then.


I need a redirect to obtain a domain URL - currently, to connect to my website I need to use the IP and port of my website. I’d like the subdomain to redirect to this website I’m hosting; are you saying this isn’t possible with infinityfree’s domains?

And thanks, I figured the panel problem would resolve with time.

Yes nd no.

If that IP is open, it may endup making you simply visiting the IP.

Keep in mind that we don’t provide domain registaration services.

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I’m kind of new to this so apologies if this is a silly question - but if you don’t provide domain registration services, how did you give me the url

“If that IP is open, it may endup making you simply visiting the IP.”
This is the desired behaviour; I just want an easy URL to remember instead of the IP. The website is mostly for personal stuff and is password protected anyway.

I am wondering if I simply need to wait the suggested 72hours before this redirect will work correctly. I have the .htaccess file in my files and the redirect is formatted correctly.

This wasn’t a silly question — it can be hard to understand this.

The thing that has to be registered is the top-level-domains(TLDs), so it looks like,, etc. And you must pay something to register a TLD. (Maybe sometimes there are promos, but rare.)
A subdomain, as its name suggests, it is a sub-domain for a TLD, it isn’t hard to set it up.
You probably can also called this process “registering”, but you don’t probably get full control over it, and people (or at least me lol) don’t called it “register”.

There are some services like (Super slow when you register) or that gives you subdomains while still giving you full control over the domain. You should consider getting one.

Unless you actually talks about endup having “” in your url bar.

In my experience, .htaccess rules change doesn’t takes 72 hrs — it changes like, almost immediately.


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