Redirect to infinityfree 403 page when I try to access my website

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403 Forbidden

Server or website configuration is blocking you from viewing this page

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Other Information

I was going through my wordpress, I was about to change some designs on the website when suddenly I get no response from my website, reloading wasn’t working, then it showed me “502 gateway” error. After 5 minutes I reloaded the page and it redirected me to “”, after checking some fixes, I decided to delete and add my domain in infinityfree domains again, I deleted and added it and after an hour when I entered my website, it redirects me to 403. Can you guys help?

Check if this is the case


Welcome. This might be helpful too


Hi KangJL,

Thank you very much, it seems that when I deleted and readded the domain, the directory was changed from “htdocs” to “”, that must be the reason why it was not working.

I made “” folder and copy/pasted the htdocs folder inside of it. The website is now up and running, thanks to your help!



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