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the redirect from this page (done by clicking on the dude in bottom-right) to another is not working even tho i’m using the same script from another page ( but that is working as it should be

ps: is it normal that i can’t scroll this forum from google chrome but only from OperaGx ?

Hi and welcome to the forum! Make sure you link to the pages or upload the files correctly, as the “Back” button goes to, which doesn’t exist and returns a 404 page.


thanks i found and fixed that issue but the problem 404 is still a thing
even tho this is the code and locally it does work

Also, make sure to fix the casing of the links, as Linux servers are case-sensitive and so Index.html is different than index.html. Anyway, can you code format your code? To do that, either click on Screenshot 2023-08-04 alle 13.25.25 after you selected the code, put the code in with some spaces at the start of each line or add ``` at the start and end of the code.


fixed that issue too, thanks btw, but still nothing
this is the folders and files tree

i did try to put manually (copyng and pasting from the code) but nothing still 404

            function openNewPage() {

here’s the code

correction, manually it does work it’s just from the code that it’s not working

I can still see the lowercase index.html on the page’s HTML code, so still a 404. You always have to make sure that the file name is right, as if on a Windows environment works even with a lowercase i, on a Linux system it’s different.


Finally understood why, even if i was correcting the code i was, for habit, transferring the .js file on the site but this script was on the .html file and obviously there was no change, thanks for the help


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