Redirect causes 403 Forbidden error

website URL:
Please help,I made a basic chat website.Everything works perfectly except that it gives false positive in terms terms of phishing detection.But that’s not the big problem,The big problem is that when I am logged in and try to intiate a new chat by going from to I get the error below

"403 Forbidden

Server or website configuration is blocking you from viewing this page"
I get the same error even if I explicitily type in URL to access a chat webpage
I’m pretty sure the error is not on my side because i’ve hosted the same website at 000webhost(URL: but running on different databases and it doesn’t give me any errors.I am trying to migrate from 000webhost to infinityfree
Please help with the error,you can also help with avoiding false positive


Chat website are forbidden here due to intense load on the server. I think they are also not allowed on 000WebHost, but they may not have an automated system that actively blocks them like we do.


They are allowed on 000webhost,mine has been running for over a year now.So here it’s just a temporary thing or they will be allowed some time in the future?And what are other alternatives except infinityfree and 000webhost?

I don’t think they will ever be allowed here.

There are other free providers, but majority of them use the exact same platform as IF does, so chat hosting is also banned. Premium hosting will be your best bet (Not all plans may support chat hosting, you mat want to check i=with


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