Redirect Assistance

I wanted to use link redirection from example.domain to example.domain/community.
When I had done this using “Add Redirects”, I always get this error when I try to connect to my site: “Too many redirects”.
Is this supposed to happen and I have to wait OR is this an error?
Thank You,

If you create a redirect for, then all URLs starting with will be redirected. So if you redirect it to, then visitors will be redirected from to However, since also starts with, they will be redirected again. So you get an infinite redirection loop.

Instead, you should remove the redirect created through the control panel, and create an index.php file in your root folder with the following contents:

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); 

This will make sure only the root domain is redirected an any subfolders are unaffected.