RED TEAM, I can create my toolkit here?

Website URL


I’m a Brasiliam, sorry for my english or any mistake that i write here.

My point

This site is my portfolio, and like it, i put some projects on this, like: “
(An api that i develop to get info about facebook posts and youtube videos.)
And i work with redteam too. Pentest, OSINT, etc…

I want to make a free tool kit to serve on my portfoil as an example, i will create some scripts for this like Vuln Scan, Curl, SQL Injection, Brute force, etc… But of course, everything will be limited. Example: you can only send 1 curl in 10 seconds per account.

And the most problematic is the side processing, you can execute a code on your windows (generated by the PHP) and you will be able to see every change on your computer by the website, so, every update “new startup item have been add” or “Folder XXX have been updated”, so, the user can protect her own computer, and yes, i create a system to prevent peoples of using it as a botnet, creating a password that is generated with the code everytime the user start it, and blocking if the user try to run in more than 1 time.

What i want to know

I CAN do this?
What i should change?
What is my limitation?
What i need to inform on Policy and Privacy terms?
If i can’t, what other alternative to it i have?

Other possibility

How can i contact direct to the Admin or Mod?

I highly recommend that you read the terms of service. It outlines what you can and cannot use your free account for:

Additionally, if what you want to do is allowed (I am not saying it is, please read the terms), you will have to place a lot of restrictions, especially if you have a lot of visitors so you don’t get suspended for free hosting limits.

Also, do keep in mind that the only sever-side language we support is PHP (It may me very difficult, if not impossible to build all the tools you mention in PHP, and in a way that is supported and will work on free hosting).


Of course, software limitation i handle, i can create this tools on PHP and already exist versions of it, and connection limitation is not a problem, i know how to work with it, my ONLY problem is about inform what i’m creating and see if i can, some hostings ask to place a “Terms of use” in the tools, and of course, someones take down the services because of comparing the product to a botnet or something like it, and i want to inform it to don’t have problems and don’t need to ask to put my service online again.

Also, thanks for your time and the information.


  • Promotes, encourages or engages in any spam or other unsolicited bulk emails, or computer or network hacking or cracking, cloaking or sneaky redirects; (I’m creating free tools, SQL Injection and Vuln Scans can be readed as “hacking”, it can be included or only if it is used for illegal actions?)

  • Contains or installs .exe, .apk, .dmg, .cmd, .com, .bat, .osx, .msi, .app files; (As i say, if the user want, one code is generated in order to user can analyze components of own computer and will use codes in [.VBS] and [.PS1], but only will run with user permission, it can be a problem in my case?)

That’s promoting/encouraging


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Using our hosting to perform or promote hacking is strictly prohibited. We do not want to support cybercrime, and we have no way to reliably and easily check whether your SQL injection, brute forcing or other hacking tools can really and only be used with authorization from the target. In our experience, most hacking tools/sites are purposely set up for cybercrime, or easily abused for such purposes, so we have decided to blanket ban everything.

So please don’t do it. Your account will get terminated if we find you’re using our hosting for hacking related activities.



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