Recover email after forgetting MX records

Hi. I set up an infinityfree site 4 months ago on a domain hosted through 123reg. Before coming here, I had 123reg set up with my google workplace account for email. When I changed the namespace on 123reg I forgot to set up the MX records on infinityfree.

I don’t use that email address regularly, hence not noticing the lack of emails coming through. I’ve now fixed it and i’m receiving emails, but is there any way to “recover” the last 4 months of emails?

I’m new to a lot of this (hence the schoolboy error) so any help appreciated. Thanks

Unfortunately no. Any mail sent to free hosting servers was just ignored, as free hosting does not offer mail anymore.


Actually, it was not delivered at all, because there is no mail server to accept them. By default, mail servers will try again later if they encounter problems delivering messages. But after some time (usually 8 hours), the sending server will just give up and discard the messages.

Our servers never accepted email for your domain, so we never had your emails. They were simply never sent.


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