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I requested the SSL certificate, received it, but it does not work when trying to register in the control panel of InfinityFree.

It says that the certificate does not match what I requested. It doesn’t match how ??? Impossible.

Welcome, try to re-paste the private key.
If it does not work, provide screenshot

How many times do i need to do this to work? I’ve been trying for two days. I even deleted my certificate and requested another one, but always the same error.

The error is always the same. I followed the tutorial step by step. I copied all the text, including the start and end lines. I pasted it into the text box, generated the CSR, and pasted the certificate into the text box. When clicking on send certificate, this message of the image appears.

InfinityFree SSL tool does not require CSR.

It is better you give a step by step account of what you did.

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There’s not much to say. I requested a certificate that InfinityFree offers, the private key and the certificate arrived. I followed the step-by-step instructions to enable SSL on my domain, but the final step is to link it in the SSL / TLS section in VistaPanel so that the padlock on the website address is green does not work as it should.
I have already done the same process in CPanel on my hosting at Hostgator and everything went smoothly.

It turns out that VistaPanel requires the generation of the CSR to send the certificate. Perhaps because the laws here in Brazil require it. I can’t say why!

No, our Control Panel’s SSL/TLS tool doesn’t require generating a CSR to install the certificates issued on the Client Area. Maybe you’re doing something wrong; perhaps read this part of article to install the certificate.


I checked the SSL/TLS section in the control panel and the Free SSL Certificates section in the client area. The private keys shown there are different.

The presence of a CSR in the control panel tells me that you’ve used the Generate Key/CSR function in the control panel. You don’t need to use that. Instead, copy the private key from the client area and paste it in the private key box in the client area and click Upload Key.

Then, try to upload your certificate again.


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