Receiving blank page suddenly

Hi there, my website is****
It’s returning blank page from every other side except the browser I use to access and build up. Tried with other devices but the same result. Need help.

as much as I can see
cloudflare leads here

check if your page is all right (no crash)
and check cloudflare

Please explain how to do all these.

you are currently suspended

but if your page is blank and 500 error (php script or db error)
check the logs from the control panel
or read them through the file manager (or FTP) and look into the folder logs / websiteName / errors

you can also create a .htaccess file that contains
php_value display_errors on

then visit your site and your browser will show you the “current problem”

It’s replying ‘Sun, 04 Mar 2018 00:45:48 -0500 No found results for host ‘’ in database’
Please help.

I used GET requests on your site through REST api
and how much I can see, you do not even have one of your posts
but all the default templates in the Latin language

if you can confirm that it’s TRUE
then you have nothing to lose
and you can uninstall everything and reinstall again
then add the plugins you use (step by step) and keep in mind hosting restrictions and why you’re suspended

also read these links
Double and triple check the “Directory” field in Softaculous, it should be empty if you don’t want a subdirectory! (noWebsiteNamePlus/wp/)

maybe admin will have something smarter to say and deeper insight !

Yes the default language is Latin language on my site. Yesterday I have reinstalled wordpress but for no good. Do you want me to reinstall plugins?

I do not want anything, I just came to give you some suggestion (if it helps).
You are responsible for your website

in Latin I think - lorem ipsum texts

You misunderstood me. I just asked you, did you mean I should reinstall plugin? I am sorry.
I need your help.

first ask yourself
What is the first thing I want to achieve ?

install wordpress ?


  1. Read the instructions on how to do it
  2. install wp
  3. Check if it works

if the answer to question 3 is YES

install one pluggin then again check if works

and replay actions (install next plug and check)

if you encounter a problem (like my site is not rendered)
go to
(Of course you must be logged in)
and select errors
then read logs from the last day to deeper into the past