reactivate now

I am in need of help.
I deactivated 3 domains, you can activate again.
They have not been erased.
How long does it take to activate after clicking the reactivate now button?
Thanks a lot for the help

Well, if propogation applies, then 24-72 hrs.

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If you deactivated an account yourself, that means you must have deleted the domain names on the account yourself beforehand. And just like you had to manually remove the domain names before deactivating the account, you need to manually add the domains against after reactivating the account. Clicking the Reactivate button does NOT automatically restore any domain name previously hosted on the account.

Once you do add the domain names to your account, they should be active in a few minutes. However, due to DNS propagation, it can take up to 72 hours for the sites to be visible again everywhere.


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