Rate Limit

How to add rate limit in Infinityfree? Cause someone completing 50k fake hits just in few minutes and my webpage automatically suspended for 24 hours always I have this big issue

You may use Cloudflare if you have a custom domain and you can use access restriction features. If you’re on a custom domain, I advise you to wait for a senior member’s reply.


I don’t have custom domain and I’ll not use I want a way stopping bots in free but if I buy custom domain so cloud flare can rate limit freely?

Yes. Rate Limiting (previous version) · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs

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Please remember that this is a problem for all websites. If it gets too much traffic, it will go down. This is true for a small free blog or huge companies like Google and Facebook. Basically the bigger your hosting, the more traffic you can handle, but it’s never unlimited. And a free hosting account is not very big.


you can register a custom domain for free at https://nic.eu.org/ but it can take between a few days and a few months !

after that you can setup cloudflare to take care of the nastys bots

I had to do this for my website


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