Questions about byethost vs cloudflare

is using cloudflare directly faster than using byethost?

i have been seeing really slow load times and think the problem may be there.

also, does byethost offer ssl for the entire site?

before cf only had the lock for the homepage and i need it for the whole thing

CloudFlare relies on content caching for your website. In cases of un-popular and small websites, you’d hardly notice a difference. You might want to consider actually reducing the contents or size of the assets of the page.

About the other question, you don’t get SSL certificates for just a page. It’s either an entire domain or nothing at all. If you’re getting SSL just for homepage using CloudFlare, you might have set-up hard links using HTTP and might not have set-up automatic HTTPS re-write in CloudFlare.

All of my answer is based on assumptions. It would really help if you can share the link of your website so others can have a look.


It depends, but generally, yes.

Most web pages have lots of static files like images, scripts and stylesheets. Cloudflare can compress and cache them and serve them from a location close to the visitor, rather than from our servers in the UK. If your visitors are far away, then that would help.

But compression, minification and browser caching are also things you can do yourself, even though it may be a bit harder to do than enabling Cloudflare. And if your visitors are in Europe, then the geo distribution of the cache doesn’t really matter that much either.

Of course, dynamic requests to PHP scripts still need to go to our servers in the UK, which Cloudflare will make slightly slower by having to route the requests through Cloudflare’s systems before sending them to us.

Please note that Cloudflare is not magic sauce that will make any website fast. It won’t make your website code run any faster.


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