I don’t really have an issue, but rather a question, so I’m looking for a software in the “Apps management” that can act like a moderation tool, something in which you can log punishments, such things. However I do not find anything that could do this on the Apps section, is there a category in particular, or a software that handles such things or it doesn’t exist (yet) there?



What “Apps Section”? What software are you using?

We are going to need more information to help you out.


App section in the control panel, sorry


What do you mean by “moderation tool” then? Moderation tool for what? Softaculous is meant to install stand-alone software like WordPress or OpenCart, it does not carry add-ons for software.


There are templates for project management, for advertising, for games etc… and I was wondering if there was one software that deals with moderation organization, something that can keep some data regarding moderation action

You could just make your own application with a database…

Most of the time with moderation you want an add-on to your existing software, that’s not really something that is ever installed separately.


Okay, just wanted to make sure such a thing didn’t exist, thanks though!

Moderation functionality for an existing website requires very deep integration into the website that’s being moderated, so it can send posts to be reviewed and block posts from being added.

I don’t think software like that exists at all. Moderation isn’t that complicated so any software that needs moderation capabilities (like forum software) tends to have the functionality baked in from the start.

And even if such software did exist, it would involve a lot of custom coding to integrate it into your own website. Whereas Softaculous is more intended for the “plug and play” type things that you can use without coding.

So I don’t think such software exists at all. And if it does, installing it here is probably going to be the least complicated thing about using it.


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