Question with InfinityFree SSL

Hello, I just used the Infinity Free SSL method of Let’s Encrypt, but I have a question, it says my certificate will expire in 90 days I think, so in 90 I have to pay for that SSL? or free forever? thanks!

Hello there,

It’s free to renew, you don’t have to pay anything.

The reason why the it’s lifespan is only for 90 days and not 1 year, please take a look at this:


Oh ok, another question, I checked a SSL Checker and it says is the chain is broken, can you explain what does it mean? thanks

That’s just the Certificate Authority’s Certificate or it is also known as CA_chain. Basically that’s the Certificate of your SSL provider and browsers will use it to verify whether your SSL certificate was actually being issued by one or is legit.

But don’t worry modern web browsers today including Chrome, Firefox and Edge does not need a CA certificate since they will automatically fetch them themselves and I’m sure most of the people that would visit your site would use a latest modern browser.


The only people facing issues will be with ancient browsers like Internet Explorer, which nobody should be using anymore anyways in 2020.


Ok, and one last question, is there a dashboard or something for that SSL? or at least change the TLS 2 to TLS 3? Just to know, thanks!


The server automatically uses TLS 1.2, I’m actually not sure whether InfinityFree already supports TLS 1.3 but I’m sure 1.2 is totally supported.

TLS 2 and TLS 3 don’t exist yet. TLS 1.3 is the latest version, but our servers don’t support TLS 1.3 yet.


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