Question for other infinityfree users

I’m curious to know if your accounts have been suspended for nothing more than uploading files to your account?

Please respond to the question. It’s important that Infinityfree fix they’re broken security system.

Security systems don’t always work 100% as expected. That doesn’t mean it’s broken. Also remember that expectations vary.

Some things are banned altogether because of the high risk associated with it (crypto exchange, for example).

Others are not allowed because it has been abused in the past (I believe that the mail() function is one of them).

As for file upload, sometimes they will block by keyword. I understand that it’s frustrating, but remember that this is also a free hosting account and sometimes the simplest method possible.

They can’t have an advanced AI system for a hosting system that isn’t even paid for by its users.



Hey thanks for the reply. If blocked by keyword, is there a list of keywords to review so that we can avoid using them? That would be very helpful and give us some clues on how to avoid getting suspended.


If there was a published list of keywords, there would be no point in a blocklist, since it would be very easy for bad actors to just use synonyms that are not blocked.



Yeah you are right I didn’t consider that my bad.

FTP traffic/conn. is monitored - because this hosting should only be used for websites
and not for someone to upload images directly from their security camera here as storage,
such an action opens a lot/often connections with the FTP server… so when it is noticed that someone is using the hosting for something that does not comply with the TOS, they will be suspended.

Also if the files are infected or if they turn out to be used for phishing,
for example, copies of the login layout and code for some social networks
and other things used for phishing.

Such accounts are closed immediately



Oh okay that clears up a lot of the mystery as to why accounts get suspended. That also helps me understand how the anti fraud system can make false positives that require humans to further investigate things. I was getting frustrated with the constant suspensions but now I think I know why I keep getting suspended. A few of my pages have a bunch of Javascript includes I use for prettyPhoto that might be triggering the anti fraud system. I also upload files in bulk that also seems to trigger the anti fraud system. I just need to figure out how to update files without triggering the fraud system. Again, your reply provides more detail about how things work here at Infinitfree so big time thanks for explaining it that way.


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