Queries regarding premium hosting

i have few queries for ifastnet (for a startup project)

  1. Unlimited Daily Hits
    it is mentioned only on infinityfree but, not on ifastnet. Any link to ensure that i get unmetered monthly visits?

  2. 20 Addon Domains
    means i can host 20 main domains like abc.com, xyz.com, pqr.com… ?

  3. is there m.abc.com i.e. single letter subdomain restriction?
    right now we can’t create ‘m’ letter subdomain in infinityfree

  4. running nodejs/python will be counted under cpu, i/o, epu etc right?
    sorry for this stupid query, i never practically did on hosting :smiley:

well besides these, i m planning to develop android apps. so it will fetch data i.e. api kind of things.

right now my main concern is API hosting (a simple startup project)
so can u please enlighten me on API with ifastnet?

and in long run may be a simple chat application. what are ur advices dear team?

i wish they can provide .com/.in domain. any workaround? :smiley: :D: :smiley:

If you are asking about premium hosting, ask iFastNet, not us.

This forum is for InfinityFree, and most of us know nothing about premium hosting. Please ask your question(s) at support.ifastnet.com

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  1. This is not iFastNet presale queries forum.
  2. Yes unlimited means hits are not metered or tracked.
  3. Yes you can. You should have the domain bought allready frok another registrar or from iFastNet.
  4. No there isn’t any such restrictions.
  5. Not sure.

Well the rest or your query I cannot answer or advice. You should definitely consider asking iFastNet support. support.ifastnet.com.

You get unmetered hits. It’s not mentioned at iFastNet because it’s not limited on any plan. But it’s 100.00% true.


No such restrictions apply on premium hosting.

Of course, all your website code is counted against the limits. It would be really unfair if those hosting a Laravel app get throttled but those running a Django app do not.

You have a web hosting account. It comes with a web server that runs your code and makes it available over HTTP. Any HTTP based API (JSON, REST, XMLRPC, GraphQL) can be created there in your code, the server doesn’t care.

Chat scripts are also banned on iFastNet. It’s not enforced as strictly as it is here, but the same rules apply.

Wish no longer! Because iFastNet offers them with yearly paid plans (at least Ultimate, perhaps Super, but not Starter).

But the “workaround” is just to buy your own. .com and .in domains only cost around $10 per year.


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