Problems with website preview in InfinityFree

Problems with website preview in InfinityFree
I’ve created a website and added the code for the website preview feature. I tested the demo before submitting the code to InfinityFree and it worked perfectly. However, after submitting the code and waiting some time, I then went and tested the website links with an open graph validator. And it didn’t work.

  • Code has been tested and working locally.
  • Code sent to InfinityFree
  • The website link was tested with an open graph validator and failed.
    I am asking for help from experienced users to identify and fix this issue. Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Take note


Thank you for the answer.
Do I have to upgrade to premium hosting before I can do this?

There’s two options, but both involves money or a lot of time.

  • Upgrade to premium. Of course, that almost always works.
  • Get a custom domain. Either by purchasing one or request a free one like, then use Cloudflare.

I thank you for the advice.

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