Problems with their detectors.

Hello!. On Tuesday the website “rfgd_19480623” was suspended for “exceeding the process limit of entry of every day”. Wait 24 hours for your systems until Wednesday.

On Wednesday, it lasts for 3 hours when it immediately tells me that the system canceled the site again for “exceeding the process limit of entry of all days” again.

The site in those 2 hours neither had visitors nor had activity as in other days.
I would like to know what is happening with their systems that now magically appears to me that I have “exceeded the process limit of entry of every day”, when on other days thousands of visits entered and this was not happening.
It will take 48 hours for the site to be inactive again because of this situation and this bothers me a lot.

On Mars I had a DDoS attack so it was that I had high consumption and I still accept it. But it is, if not because nobody is doing anything for the system to impose such punishment on the website.

My scripts are optimized and I have never had this bug so far.

I want an explanation as soon as possible please.

Thank you…

Unfortunately, we don’t have logs detailing exactly when and why entry processes are created. But if you get a lot of hits and all of those hits execute PHP scripts, your entry process usage will be high.

However, your site has been back up for a few days now.

Same problem here too… my site epiz_20006976 just got same issue and it shows me to wait till 23 hrs and some 55 minute till it activated again. Now it means the site is down before 5 minute only and there is no view in last 30 minutes. I didn’t understand what the hell is going on. Please Help