Problems with importing assets

My website URL is

What I’m seeing is I am getting error 432 or 423 ( I am not sure )

I’m using my phone and my chromebook ( I haven’t tried out my other pc yet )

This basically happens whenever I try and upload anything into my site

Website loads fine for me. Seems like a caching or DNS issue.

No I mean like whenever I upload any code files, videos, or pictures it gives me an error

What are you trying to do exactly? Are you uploading files through FTP? Or through a website management system like WordPress? I’d like to help you, but I need a bit more than a three digit error code which may or may not even be the one you see.


ok So I tried uploading assets from my pc ( again ) and the error code is 413 and basically when I try and upload anything it gives me that. ( i upload it through the built in file uploader ) so these are some more bits of info.

Try using a FTP client and see if that works.

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alright lemme try but if it costs anything I guess I will have to repeatedly go to codepen and take some code that I find here and there

Oh wait they are free!

lemme try that and then upload the code and fix some stuff

I had to Google the error code to figure out how you were uploading the file in the first place. 413 is an HTTP status code with description “Request Entity Too Large”. This means the file you’re uploading is too big.

Please try to extract your asset archive and see if you can upload the extracted file with FTP. Uploading the ZIP through FTP won’t work either, because there is a 10 MB file size limit and you’ll have no way to extract the file on the server.

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