Problems finding uploaded files and plug ins

Hi, my first site but was able to follow directions on support to upload multiple files to the htdocs folder. For some reason when I check “media library” in WP, it doesn’t see these files. I uploaded a single pic under 1mb using the file block in WP which works fine. But the other files are over 1mb but below 10mb. I see all the files in the FileZilla & File Manager under htdoc/wp-content/upload/2020/ along with the pic I uploaded. So not sure if I am put the files in the wrong place or what.
Next issue is going to /wp-content/plugins/ I see no plugins. I tried to use the instructions at: How to upload big files / archives - Docs - InfinityFree Forum
but still not able to install or upload plugins. Am I supposed to use softaculous for that?

I would say it’s the wrong place, yes.

WordPress uploads files in the wp-content/uploads/$year/$month/ folder. So wp-content/uploads/20/09/ for the current month. So maybe that’s the issue.

But from what I can see from a bit of Googling, you will also need a plugin to register the uploaded files in WordPress. I see references to the free Media from FTP and Add From Server plugins, as well as the paid WP All Import plugin. I haven’t tried any of the plugins, so please try them yourself and share what worked and didn’t work for you.

Or maybe just upload the files through the WordPress web interface.

Softaculous only handles the installation of the base site, it doesn’t handle plugin installation.

If you want to install the plugin over FTP, please try the official WordPress instructions about this: Manage Plugins – Documentation –

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