My site is accommodated at the moment on the Internet on I would like to change host by keeping(guarding) the same domain name and given by the site.
Is it possible? And if yes, how I may make?

Thank you

As I understand it correctly, you want to move an existing website and domain name here?

Because you can just create a new account with the same domain name and upload your website files and databases to it.

I have a site in the host, and I would want to put him(it) in your host, I use wordpress.
How to proceed these stages: https: // lies/
I want to keep my name domain, and I would like to keep my to give.
Look at the discusion with expert of wordpress: _https: // ur-2/

The links you included haven’t been parsed properly so I wasn’t able to figure out the actual URL. However, the Moving Wordpress article from the official Wordpress documentation describes very well how to move a Wordpress site to another server.