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I got this error when trying to add Parked Domain (Error #93681767457)

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What can I do to solve this error please? And do I need to add Parked Domain if I want to add my own domain from other provider while I put the nameservers from here?

You can add domain in add-ons section if you sent nameservers of IF and make website on it.

Hello @jaikrishna.t and thank you a lot for your answer.

Ok, now I have added my domain name in Add-ons section and it was succeful. Now I have to wait hours to make it work. I thought I had to add it into Parked Domain. So now when this will be done then I can work my website again from this server, right?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hmm maybe this is not right in my side. Let me explain what I did. I had, long ago, uploaded files and folders from a web site transfer I had done. Now in this way you suggested to me a new folder with the name of domain has been re-created while I have already uploaded the webpage files to the main directory (htpdocs). So this does not seem to be right.

Then upload the transferred files into the new directory.

Is there no other way for me to continue using the htdocs folder? Because I have already set up all the files and folders of my website. Or do I not need all of this since I’ve put the nameservers from in the provider I have the domain name?

If I have to upload the files into the new directory then I have to do again some fixes in my wordpress panel and not only this, maybe this will add a new folder in my domain name section. Then I will have Let me know if this not true.

No. There will be an htdocs folder inside it. No new directory will be formed when you visit your site.

Hmm ok I see. Ok I will have in mind all those information you told me and I really appreciate :slight_smile:

I just checked this too and this is what I done yesterday but still I can’t see any changes in my side. How to point your domain name to InfinityFree nameservers

Check with your registrar, i can’t check your nameservers as I’m not in a state to do so.

I have putted in my registrar the nameservers from here but still don’t see any changes here.


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you added your domain to the addon domain section, and want to know where to upload your files. Correct?



My main problem is if I have to do something else while I have registered the nameservers from here to the other registrar


You have the correct nameservers, but you have not added it to your account yet. Open the control panel, and select the “Addon Domains” or “Parked Domains” section and add your domain name.


Yes that’s right but this is why I opened this section as I mention in my first message “I got this error when trying to add Parked Domain (Error #93681767457)”
So I have to try the “Addon Domains” insted?

If I try to do this with “Addon Domains” then it will creating new forlder outside of htdocs with my domain name folder name

I think Parked Domain is fine for me like here How to add your own domain to your account

I don’t recognize that error for Parked Domains, Admin will have to explain it further.

For Addon Domains, that is correct. A new folder titled with your domain name is created, with a new htdocs folder inside of it. This is where you will upload your files for that domaion.

It is up to you which one you want to choose.


What domain were you trying to park your domain on? If there is no valid domain selected (and usually: your account doesn’t have any domains to park the domain on), then you’ll get that error.


Yes you are right. Admin need to explain this because this is what I want to choose. Because If I will choose Addon Domains and transfer all my web site files there then maybe whole wordpress admin maybe will not working. I’ not sure. I hope Admin will see this problem and answer me to find a solution asap.

By the way thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:

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So now this is a new post:

Hello Admin,

I would like to park the domain name I have in other registrar and the domain is
So how I will connect this domain to my account? Is there any way to do it now? Because many days before I was achieved this succefuly but I can’t do it now.

As I can see now from cPanel you have disabled the Park Domain feature. Why is this happening; There is no field to assign my domain.