Problem with my domain

hey guys i have problem with my site can anyone help me please?
my site:
screenshot of my problem: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I think it’s an issue with their servers as my site is also down.

Hello there,

It seems like there’s currently an ongoing maintenance while the server admins are trying to fix the current FTP issue so this is probably just a temporary issue.

Kindly wait for your site to run again.

UnknownLolz, why you making a statement on the issue you have same zero information as all rest of the clients here? What ongoing maintenance, who is trying to fix the issue with FTP server? Admins saying they don’t know about core of the problem by themselves…

у всех так читай тему от разработчиков хостинга

That’s why I said “probably” and “it seems like”, that was just an assumption and speculation that I made because for me that would make sense. I didn’t said that “The site is down because there is an FTP issue”, I only suggested that your site could be down because of some issues with the FTP lately.

Does it make sense to you? Alright, then sorry for my comment. In my opinion if you say ‘kindly wait for server to run again’ - you confirming you know there is a reason to do it and not to contact real admins who have direct access to the system.

Sorry if my comment felt like I was declaring that was why.
One of the synonyms of a statement is declaration, but I didn’t declare that was the real reason why.

Well you have a point but you see when I said “kindly wait for the server to run again”, I meant it in a way that you’ll just have to wait until the servers get restored since obviously the server will run again if it gets fixed. Since I’m powerless like all other clients here, we don’t have a choice but will just have to wait until the servers will run again.

Just for the record, I generally don’t know much more than you do. iFastNet’s staff manages the hosting infrastructure. So when I say “I don’t know what the issue is”, that could also mean “I’m still waiting on iFastNet’s staff to share the knowledge they have with me so I can share it with you”. It doesn’t mean that the actual server admins don’t know what the issue is. But just like you, I also don’t know how many people are working on this and what they are doing at this exact moment. But I trust that iFastNet is taking this issue seriously and that they are doing their best to solve this issue as quickly as possible, however long that may take.

Although with the FTP service issue, it probably is. After all, if you know what the issue is, solving it typically doesn’t take weeks and multiple attempts. But that’s speculation on my part too.

Managing a networked storage system for millions of websites is complicated. I’m a professional systems engineer and I looked into some of the technology they are using. It’s complicated.


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