Problem with hosting

epiz_32999792 or

The problem is with hosting itself.

I created my account on inifintyfree after a long break and added my domain to it, but it is actually showing some other website which is not what is in my index.html file, it shows like my domain is scuccesfully connected but it actually showing another website which is a previous design i used before taking the break

I see the text “hello”. What is it supposed to show?


it is supposed to show that

but is shwoing this instead

It’s not a hosting issue, its your browser showing you a cached copy of the page.

Clear your cache:


tried cleaning cache too

but even if it’s the problem with cache, it is not showing my other page,

I see “Do you love me back bae”.

What is it supposed to show?


Yeah, it’s supposed to show that, but it says 404 error but the problem is gone now on my pc but on other devices it still remains

You are going to have to clear the cache of the devices that it is not working on, or just wait for the cache period on those devices to expire.

There is nothing we can change on our end to change this process.


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