Problem with ftp to pubblish a photo gallery

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hi, my name is marco levi, a few days ago i created a domain with you and related free hosting space as reported in the attached documentation.

I am contacting you because I would like to report a problem in using your ftp with the credentials always shown in the attachment, as suggested by the jalbum designer I entered your credentials to publish a photo gallery, but there is no way a error related to the firewall, while with my hosting the ftp works without any kind of problem.
can you help me to solve?
thank you so much Mark

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Username: epiz_33281474
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In the “Server FTP” box, you need to put the server address, not your username. Place “” in that spot.


Thanks a lot now work fine
what’s is limite file size ??
the space hosting is not limited ??

  • HTML and PHP files are limited 1 MB.
  • .htaccess files are limited to 10 kB.
  • All other files are limited to 10 MB.

io pensavo a 5gb file volevo condividere dei video o foto in alta risoluzione ?
spero che il limite non sia 10 mb ma molto piu’ grande


I was thinking of 5gb file I wanted to share high resolution videos or photos? I hope the limit is not 10mb but much bigger

se il limite e 10mb praticamente non si puo’ fare nulla


if the limit is 10mb practically nothing can be done

Wait, you want to upload a 5 GB file to a website???

It will take many many minutes for your webpage to load, almost all of your viewers will abandon you.

If you want to share images and videos with your users that are that big, upload them to Google Drive/DropBox/YouTube and put the link on your website.

10MB is plenty large enough, I have over 5,000 website files and none of them even come close to that limit.

When you are building a website, every asset needs to be as small as possible in order to have fast loading times.

Also, as this is an English forum, please type in English or use an online translator.


I would recommend uploading your large image files to google drive and using a regular website size image on the site as a link to the full resolution version on google drive

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