Problem with file uploading.

I am trying to upload a .zip file on to my server and it go part of the way threw and then go to a login screen any help?

please move the limit up to 100mb my acount is epiz_17275063

Hello @supermansteve.

Thank you for asking for help on Forums! It’s a bit unclear, did you tried to upload your .zip archive throught OFM (Online File Manager), or you tried to upload it throught FTP client? Normally, i think, you shouldn’t have problems with file size limits in FTP, but if you tried to upload your .zip file throught Online File Manager, then your upload will be rejected, because maximum, allowed file upload size is 10MB on Online File Manager.

Sadly, we cannot increase your file size limit, because we cannot increase it only for a single person, we would have to increase it for everyone then, but we do not want to increase PHP file upload limit, because then users would make file sharing sites, which is against our TOS!

what i a trying to load is a radio panel for my online radio site it is a zip file

@supermansteve try to connect with your FTP account with most used FTP client: FileZilla.

You can download it from here:

Also, i cannot guarantee that, but in InfinityFree’s TOS, it says that any site of broadcasting-type content is not allowed. Ill have to ask @Admin, because i’m unsure about that.

i gess i will close this site and go somewhere else

@supermansteve Do not leave our service, just because you cannot solve out this problem yet. I already told you what to do. Use FTP client like FileZilla to upload your files. Or, split your zip file into smaller zip files, and upload them!

You should be more specific with problem that you’re having. It’s hard to understand what is your problem. I’m not sure if you’re having file size limit problems with Online File Manager, or FTP client, because by normal FTP shouldn’t have file size limits!

There is a file size limit of 10MB on our free hosting. This is not a website upload limit, it affects FTP and direct downloads as well.

However, for most sites, that shouldn’t matter. If you need to upload a script, you can easily extract it on your own computer and upload the directory with FileZilla. And if you need to offer downloads on your website, you should serve those from a specialized file sharing service like Dropbox or Mediafire.

admin the software i am loading is on your cpanel softa