Problem with Domain
I recently created a free domain on freenom, and It says,even though I addded nameservers: “Your domain is not yet pointing to and Change your nameservers at your domain registrar and wait a few hours. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.”
So how long should I wait? Will I be using a subdomain, instead of domain? Is the subdomain, the same, as a normal domain? Will I be able to host my own domain online?


Antoni Nabzdyk

TEST - no NS Dig web interface - online dns lookup tool

Sometimes Freenom have problem pushing the NS settings !

for all Freenom users here with problems (if nothing helps)

add ns

there are some online suggestions about freenom and DNS problems
( if problem are confirmed with some tools!!! ) to force Freenom DB to be updated/refreshed

the first is to go into freenom settings
and return to their default NS and wait 24h
then put the custom NS back and wait at least 30min-24h

the other is to delete the domain from their system and then add it again
after that config. custom NS and then wait at least 30min-24h


I created a domain name at freenom and set the name servers as you have

Then in infinityfree cPanel I added a parked domain and after around 2 days days it was working but can take up to 72 hours

I’ve heard that freenom can be a bit hit and miss and I was lucky it went through without a hitch

Should I add ns via this(this means: click on nameservers> specify mu=yself, adn add those two?

And what should be the resolver?

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Yes, but should I add via the test this means na,erservers> specify myself, and add *

I only added the epizy name servers to freenom, nothing else was changed

so I should just wait?

you need to use this test

and if does not appear in the results within 30 min

then try to do what I suggested in the first post

Whete on the test should it appear?

I said (30 min)

it should be immediately ideally (but you can wait at least 30 min )

In most cases the users just deleted the domain from Freenom and added it again - and it worked

I’ve got anoher problem:

except that they intentionally did not allow you to use the domain and therefore the NS does not work either

but try to clear the browser cache
uses a VPN
and everything else listed in the article
or just wait 10 minutes and try again


I created a new sub domin- maybe it will work!

Is the sub domain like a normal domain?

it’s more of an address within an address
and you don’t have any extra options and freedoms
which you have when you own a domain

because the owner of the domain on which you created the subdomain is InfinityFree
and for security reasons as well as technical you are not able to do some more advanced things

something like your house has an address
and your room inside the house an additional address
you are not the owner of the house and you cannot make decisions about the house