Problem with creating table with php my admin

hello every one, i am not able to create table using php my admin.
i dont know whats wrong with me.
i selected 4 colums to create and first colum i named id and type i selected int and i checked on AI (auto increment) and index to primery
second colum name i selected name and type to varchar
3rd colum i named it imail and selected type as varchar
and 4th colum as password and type as varchar.
when i click on save nothing happens
but if i uncheck on AI i select index as nothing if i click on save it works.
but i need first colum to bee auto incremented and index should bee primery.
please any one tell me what is wrong with me
thanks in advance

An auto incrementing primary key should just work.

What do you mean by “nothing happens” exactly? Do you see any kind of error message telling you that the table creation failed?


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