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Hi, I am trying to host e system I developed in PHP that shows photos after a search windows. After you select theme, place, etc, you click a button and the photo appears. The system has already 35000 photos, and the database contains the path of each photo in a column of a table.

The code that opens the photo is below. The problem is that I filled these database for years, and did not worry about case sensitive. So, it is not working because the name of the photo can be “Forest1.jpg” and the content of the field can be “FOREST1.jpg”.

Is there a way to turn off the case sensitiveness of the server? If not, how can I fix it? Should I change all content of the dabase and all names of all files?

Thanks for any help.

   <head><title>iFotoBank</title><meta name="description" content="Sistema de Banco de //Fotos"></head>
        $path= $_POST['Foto']; 
        $path= substr($path, 3);
  <img src="<?=$path?>" height = "100%">

Sorry, the code line is not being shown. It is <img src="<?=$path?>" height = "100%">

Sorry again. The line code tha shows the photo is

<img src="<?=$path?>" height = "100%">

I think you can’t cause we cannot edit the php.ini.

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So I will have to change the names of the files? Is there other way?

Maybe strtolower() function could help you with that

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It does not help, because <img command will not recognize the file location and name properly.

No there is no way to turn off the case sensitiveness of the server. InfinityFree will not turn off this feature just for you upon request since not many people demand/request for this feature, it is not a top priority yet.

You will have to manually rename your files as a workaround.

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Ok thanks.

Use FTP Software for fast changing.

Ok…i’ve found a program that changes in batch mode. Thanks.

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