Problem while connecting to extention

cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate.

could anyone tell my what is this issue i am having and how can solve this?

Is this a support question? If so, why is it in the Informal category?

corrected…kindly tell me what is this issue

As i am using the ssl certificate which i generated here and installed into my site. I dont know why am I having this issue

When and where do you see this error?

while connecting my plugin.

kindly help

php.ini where can i get this file?

The php.ini file is inaccessible on free shared hosting, as it contains settings for all users on the server.

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if it isnt.
then how can i resolve my issue?

anyother way to solve this issue as i shown above

SSL errors when using automated tools are unfortunately a consequence of how the SSL installation setup works on free hosting. To fix this, you can either use Cloudflare on your domain name or move to premium hosting.

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