Problem navigating through site

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

403 Forbidden The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page.

I’m using this software:

Chrome and Safari on iPhone

Additional information:

My website has been working fine until I made a simple edit to my JavaScript. If I type into the browser, my game works great. But if I try to access it from the home page, I get a 403 Forbidden error. The site is still under construction, so if you need help navigating, just pull the leaf back and let go, so that it slings towards the joystick icon. Thanks!

I checked my browsers network tab, and I see the actual URL is Please check that the URL of the joystick icon is a full URL.

Thanks for quick reply. I pasted that link into my JavaScript, but I’m still getting the error code. Also, I don’t understand why it would have my domain name twice. If I type I can go to the page without any problems.

When you type a URL in the address bar, browsers immediately assume that the first part of the URL is the domain name.

When you have a URL in the code to your website, then, /, // and could all go to different pages.

This StackOverflow answer explains this in detail:

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I changed the URL to and it works now. That’s a huge relief. Thanks a lot for helping!

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