Problem in CSS and JS loading

username: epiz_32577587
website url:

hi i’m uploaded my files to htdocs folder and when i’m opening my site the CSS and JS not loading and i didn’t load images only logo showing… on my local host its works fine. (IIS)

u can check my files following urls and check the index file too
please help me out


This is what I see:

You say you are an experienced web developer, but this is such a simple fix that I question if that is true.

All you need to do is clear your cache, web developing 101:


yes i cleared my edge Cache but still its not loading but on chrome now its work fine… thanks alot

If Greenreader9 has solved your problem, could you mark his reply as a “solution”? This will help when users are having the same problem as you and they come to this topic.

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