Problem after domain change

Username: epiz_32476145 URL: (before

I just performed a domain change from to I made the change from the panel on Addon Domain by removing the old domain (“”), then I waited a few hours before everything was configured. In the meantime from Softaculous I changed the Wordpress url on the new domain. The problem is that after a few hours, when I log in, I keep getting the 404 error. When I try to search for the page I get the index of /

Fortunately, nothing is displayed in the Index of, but I still cannot view the page.

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This means that your new domain name was assigned a new folder, and your files are in the old one. Open the file manager, and look for the folder named “”. Inside that folder, this is another “htdocs” folder, upload your files here.


inserting the wordpress files won’t do any damage right?

I also wanted to ask you why It didn’t use the default htdocs folder, and It had to create a new path

No, you can copy move the same WP files into the new directory. If you changed domain names, you will have to edit the site URL using the database (A quick google search can help you with that).

As for why, the system assigns the first domain name on the account to the htdocs folder, and each additional domain name gets a new folder. This is to allow you to have multiple domains on one account, each with different content.


MONSTA FTP can’t get me to paste all the files, any suggestions?



If both domains are on the same hosting account, you can use filezilla to move the files.
No need to re-upload. Just drag and drop.

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Please MOVE the files, don’t copy them. Copying files means you have to download and re-upload all of them. Moving them is done entirely on the server so it’s really fast.


I have encountered a new problem, I cannot access the wordpress login page, after installing wordpress on the new domain “”.

Why would you do that?

Didn’t Admin say

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I followed everything perfectly, I have two wordpress installations, I removed the previous one. Now I just have to understand why it keeps not letting me in. It occurred to me to create a new profile, so as to have the default domain on the htdocs folder, without having a different path, so as not to get confused.


Your domain is probably not working bcause you don’t have any nameservers set. Please check with freenom to see what the issue is, since it will be on there side.



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