Private key

i mistakenly deleted my private key
what can i do to restore it

Yes! Just go to the Free SSL tool page and copy paste the key and save it!


For starters, please note that the SSL/TLS page clearly says that you should keep a backup your private key. If you didn’t do that, that’s on you.

If you used our Free SSL Certificates tool, you can just copy the private key from the client area and upload it again.

If you generated the private key through our control panel and used a third party SSL provider, the private key may be lost forever. If that’s the case, you can generate a new private key and CSR, and either Reissue the existing certificate (which is possible with most paid certificates) or order a new certificate.


I cant seem to find my private key on my client area
please let me know how to get it from the client area

Go to the client are, from, not the cPanel
Then just click SSL and then your website, and you will find they key and certificate there


please have a look at my website
i did exactly what you told me but still i’m receiving an error that the certificate is not for the key

Screenshot what you did, admin is busy irl

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You can view your Private Key and Certificate by going to → Free SSL Certificates → your domain → the certificate with status “Issued”. On that page, you’ll have the private key and certificate.

You can upload those to the client area. The process is described here:

And just to stress: you have to click the “Upload Key” button, not the “Generate Key/CSR”. Using the generate button overwrites the current private key with a new one, which doesn’t work with the certificates we provide.


thank you so much it worked

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