disaprears after upload

Hi. I’m trying to install PrestaShop on this URL.
To do that, I used FileZilla to upload a html and a index.php file.
If I understood correctly, then a have to upload a PrestaShop . zip file.
It uploads, but then disappears from the FileZilla window.
Is the file too big ? or should I use an other technique to install PrestaShop ?
Thanks !

Error Message

An error has occured:
Unzipping error - Unable to find the release zip file. Make sure that the file has been uploaded and is located in the same directory as this dezipper.

Other Information

You shd extract the file on your computer before uploading as max upload file size is 10mb


Please see this article for common reasons why files disappear after uploading:


Firstly, there is a upload limit, so your .zip file would be too big for the FTP Server’s permissions. Secondly, I would recommend you use Softaculous to install PrestaShop.

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