Present file throws a 404

I have a .js file on my website, located at
The file exists on WebFTP, my FTP software and appears in the directory listing of
However, the file is not loaded on my webpage, and if I try to go at it, it throws an error 404.
I do not know what is going on. I would like to avoid renaming the file, as it is on every single page of my website and then I would have to change all pages…
Thanks in advance!

Can you please clear your cache?


Forgot to mention, I have cleared it, and I had friends around the globe test it and it doesn’t work for anyone. Does the file not throw an error 404 for you?

What i’m seeing is

// Call the dataTables jQuery plugin 
$(document).ready(function() {

Last time we checked was like 2 days ago, let me retry clearing.

Well that’s embarrassing… :grimacing: It works now. Just it didn’t work 2 days ago and we had the cache cleared so… It was still not working and I thought “Let’s ask the community” :sweat_smile:

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