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I bought a premium and the status is “Pending” how long is it waiting for activation and will the subdomains also be moved?

Sorry for my bad English

Hello there,

Since you already bought a premium account, you can get a much more fast and professional support from iFastNet. You can ask them directly about your Premium account status.

You can also request them to migrate your site for you so you don’t have to migrate your site yourself which is quite a hassle task and yes your subdomains will be moved, if not you can ask them to move it.

Go to which is their Support Page and get premium support.


I have already sent a message and wait more than an hour
here I got a faster answer

That’s probably because they are limited with staff right now due to the pandemic. I don’t know how long for a premium account to get activated but it would only probably take a few minutes or hours, it depends, but you can kindly wait for a reply back from iFastNet.

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I will wait well :slight_smile:
Thank you for your reply and Regards :slight_smile:

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Because we don’t need to check your order, we can tell you right away that we can’t help you.

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