Preciso webmaster para instalar script em base de dados

Tem algum por aqui disponvel para me ajudar?
Fao questo de pagar o trabalho.
Meu email: [email protected]
David Lopes

First of all, please don’t create the same topics in multiple categories. If you’ve posted something in the wrong category, a moderator can move it for you. But copy-pasting the same question everywhere doesn’t help anyone.

Secondly, this is an English language forum. Please post your messages in English, or many people here won’t be able to read it.

@David_lopes said:
Is anyone here available to help me?
I make a point of paying for the work.

Are you looking for an English speaking person to hep you or would you prefer a Portuguese person? If it’s the latter, you might have more luck on a Portuguese speaking board.