$_POST doesn't work

I am trying to send a form using the POST method but it doesn’t revise the values form my form.
I tested the code in local and it work perfectly but here doesn’t work.

SEND A COPY TO MY E-MAIL ` //here is the code for contact-post.php
                                        	  if(isset($_POST['reply'])) { 
                                        		$to = "[email protected]";
                                        		$reply = $_POST['userEmail'];
                                        	  }else $to = "[email protected]";

                                        	  $userName = $_POST['userName'];
                                        	  $userMail = $_POST['userEmail'];
                                        	  if(isset($_POST['userPhone'])) $phone = $_POST['userPhone'];
                                        	  else $phone = "No Added";
                                        	  $title = "Test function mail php";
                                        	  $message = "Name: ".$userName."\

Correo: “.$userMail.”

                                        	  if(isset($phone)) $message .= "Phone: ".$phone."\

$message .= "Message:

                                              $header .= "FROM: <".$_POST['userEmail'].">\\r\

$header = "TO: jesse rawly [email protected]\r

                                        	  if(mail($to, $title, $message, $header)) echo "The message had been sent<br>";
                                                $header .= "Reply-To: ".$userName." <".$userMail .">\\r\

if(mail($replay, $title, $message, $header)) echo “The reply message had been sent
else { // if $_POST doesn’t exits throw this
echo “Error: Message couldn’t been sent”;

on local I receive this output

The message had been sent
The reply message had been sent
Array ( [userName] => John Thomas [userEmail] => [email protected] [userPhone] => 13115446778 [userMsg] => Hello Word [reply] => on [send] => SEND ) 1

but In my page I only wet this output

Error: Message couldn’t been sent
Array ()

It looks like the form values had not been sent to contact-post.php. I would like to know if there is something rown in my code or is a page but.

I just tried to submit something to your script but got the following:

Enviado correctamenteArray ( [userName] => test [userEmail] => test [userPhone] => test [userMsg] => test [enviar] => ENVIAR ) 1

So it looks like POST is working fine. Where can I find the form corresponding to the script?

I fixed the problem. It was the file name, in the form action=“…/php_script/contact-post.php”.
the file had the variable name -post.