Pointing .IT domain name to Infinityfree

Can we point .IT domain to Infinityfree? Thanks

Since .it domain registry, along with some other ccTLD domain registries, requires that DNS records are set on the nameservers before setting them up, while we require setting up nameservers before DNS records can be created, at the moment it’s not possible to host some ccTLDs on free hosting, unless the admins inside the iFastNet free hosting service applied some other DNS verification method for domains.


i am trying to point italyimmigrants.it domain since couple of days but still not pointed to infinityfree. can someone help me to solve this issue?

I changed the nameserver (ns1.epizy.com, ns2.epizy.com) in the DNS setting from my domain provider. Is there anything which i should do to point my domain to Infinityfree? Thanks

Your nameservers still point to the ones from dnshosting.it and host-it.it, so the changes are not caught by the registry for the same reason I mentioned on the precedent post and I want to quote here as well:


What should i do? Do i buy other hosting plan or i should contact my domain provider? Thanks

You will need to find a registrar that allows you to set the nameservers, without having to change anything at the host, where the domain will point to.


In some cases, the domain registrar is enforcing the nameserver checks. But some domain registries also do this.

The fact that almost no .it domains are being hosted with us, I suspect that this restriction may be enforced by the registry. In which case moving your .it domain to another registrar won’t help.

Unfortunately, that means that you cannot host your .it domain with us right now.


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