Point a subdomain to another ip possible?

my site lovebyte.eu.org

would it possible to point a subdomain say arma.lovebyte.eu.org to my own web server that serves game maps for my armagetron game servers on my home ip ?

the maps are very tiny xml files < 1000 bytes each and are only loaded once by a new player and then cached in their game, but I guess I cant host them directly on infinityfree as its against the TOS

just curious if its possible ?

the way I used to do it was using noip.com to point to the server but sometimes I forget to renew the domain name and new players get a loading error :frowning:

If you use Cloudflare, sure.


thanks, i’ll try and find the information

i think this is going to be impossible as my home ip address is dynamic

game over

Can’t you set it to static?

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my internet service provider only provides a dynamic external ip address

now i remember why i was using noip.com !

You can even do this with our nameservers.

NoIP.com gives you a DNS name for your dynamic IP. If you setup a CNAME record for the arma subdomain to the hostname given to you by NoIP.com, people can use the arma subdomain to download the files, even if you have a dynamic IP.


@Admin good idea :+1:

thank you all for your help :smiley:

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