Pls I Need help, am New Here

**My website URL is:

, I’ve done the necessary nameserver setting on my domain registrar to link it up to my infinityfree account, am sure there is no issue with that aspect. I have downloaded wordpress with softaculous, but the issue is, i can’t login to the wordpress account, when i try to access it via i keep landing on this page, I’ve been stalked here since yesterday pls i need help ,once again am new here. Thanks.

Admin, pls help me na, is this propagation issue or what

It is working fine now.

If it doesn’t work, try to clear your browser and DNS cache.

Sometimes, when you add nameservers to a domain, your nameserver cache does not refresh. Thus, you keep seeing a page similar to the one above. Once your cache refreshes, the site will work fine.

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ok thanks

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