Pls clear my Suspension History

Hey dear Moderator’s i was falsely Blocked and i am now asking to clear my Suspension History because this is not fair if i get banned for no reason

Contact Email: [email protected]
My Username: epiz_30056879

You cannot get un-suspended just because you asked here in this forum. If you were temporarily suspended, you will be reactivated within 24 hours. If you were permanently suspended, you can create a support ticket asking them to reactivate your account.

If you are referring to the “Deactivation History” in the client area, you can just ignore that. There is no way to clear that number.


i was unsuspendet and i now want to clear this suspension in my history
because it was falsely

You cannot clear the suspension history.
That is on my account, I cannot clear it. There is no way, it’s just not possible.


No accounts are falsely suspended. If you really want that gone, delete the account and make a new one.


The Deactivation History shows when your account was deactivated, regardless of why. This includes any temporary suspensions or manual deactivation. It’s not a counter of how many times you did something wrong.

Even if your account was suspended based on a false positive (or “no reason” as you call it), your account was still suspended. And that suspension is recorded.

Suspensions are never deleted. They are a permanent record of history. Suspension history is only erased when your entire client area profile is gone.


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