Please reset my DB

My website URL is: (a forum)
What I’m seeing is:
the uRL works OK
Client Area OK
cPanel OK
But accessing MySQL\PhpMyAdmin I get the error: redirected you too many times etc.
so I have no way to manage the DBs
Clearing cookies etc. not helping

The reason is because you’ve reset your password which won’t change your database password.

You can change your password from Client area. Go to client area/settings then change your site password and wait for upto 15 mins.

You also have to change the password in configuration file of your forum too.


Thank you.
I think I already tried that, but I tried many things and can´t remeber all!

Anyway, I will follow your instructions and come back later.
Thanks again

Now i can see Connection error on your site. It means that your database password is changed, now you’ve to use your new password instead of old one:

open settings.php file using file manager and you’ll see this in the file:

$db_passwd  = 'pass'

replace the password with value and save the fule.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.
Everything is working now!

Did you check this knowledge base article?

Please make sure to go through ALL the options there, before asking to have your database password reset. Because that only works if your database password is corrupt. Which is not the case with your account.

Not anymore. That used to be the case, but that issue was fixed months ago.

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