Please reopen my account

This is the email I got today:

Your InfinityFree account with username rfgd_19105150 has been deactivated! Your website is currently offline and control panel functionality has been limited severely.

If you would like your account to be reactivated, please login to your client area, find your account and submit a reactivation request. We will check your account and see if it can be reactivated.

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you go into your client area where it says your domain and next to it there is 2 bottons that say login and details. You click details and scroll down to where it says open support ticket. And there you put that you got an email and that your account got suspended.

Why did they suspend my account and delete all my files? Can it be reopened? Has the definition of “free web hosting” changed?

Why did they suspend my account and delete all my files?

We never delete files when an account is suspended. All your files and settings are exactly like you left them, it’s just that you can’t access them right now. If we deleted your files, we would call it “Account Deleted” instead of suspended. But we don’t because we won’t delete the files even if you’d want us to.

Can it be reopened?

Maybe. Just send a reactivation request, our abuse team will check your account and will be able to tell you more about why your account was suspended and whether it can be reactivated.

Has the definition of “free web hosting” changed?

If your previous definition of free hosting was “phishing paradise” or “hacking heaven”, then it has definitely changed. However, our free hosting is still free and as long as you’re following our terms we’re happy to reactivate your account.

The site was 100% legal and contained publicly available currency exchange rates from authoritative sources. I highly doubt there was any fraud to that! Just filed a reactivation request.